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Bermuda Cruises on Azamara Club Cruises

At this time there are no Azamara Club Cruises to Bermuda cruises. Azamara does, however, feature several other wonderful cruise itineraries that you simply must check out. The Caribbean, Asia, Europe & the Mediterranean, and South America are just a few of the magnificent destinations offered on Azamara Club Cruises.

An Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise is the best way to discover Bermuda in 2011! The ships sail on 7-night itineraries and spend several days sailing to some of Bermuda's best sights.
On Azamara Club Cruises to Bermuda, expect to be enchanted with friendly locals, and charmed by colorful architecture. Learn about
Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise ports of call below. is the best place to
book your Bermuda cruise on Azamara Club Cruises. Whether you book online, or call one of our Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise experts at (800) 961-4635, you will get the best prices and service.

Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda Cruise Search features all available rates on cruises to Bermuda on Azamara Club Cruises. Early booking discounts, seniors, past passengers and military rates are featured. Before you search, if you are looking for advice on your Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise, we recommend reading the Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise tips at the bottom of this page.
Azamara Club Cruises does not currently offer Bermuda cruises. There are however cruises itineraries on Azamara Club Cruises which take you to various ports of call in the Carribean. You can find more tips and helpful information by checking out the following:

Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda Cruise Tips

Where do Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda Cruises sail?

The itinerary and length of an Azamara Club Cruise to Bermuda is 7 nights in length and sails from New York.
Given the high price of airfare, food and hotel accommodations, an Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise is a bargain compared to flying. The top attractions in Bermuda are over by Hamilton and St. Georges – both of which have sensational shopping and fantastic activities.

Book your Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise online, or call one of our cruise experts at (800) 961-4635 to help you find the ideal cruise.

When is the best time to sail to Bermuda on Azamara Club Cruises?

From a price perspective, when kids are out of school is when the prices tend to be highest. There are usually bargains to be found, however, given that Bermuda is a very competitive market with Carnival Cruises, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line and Celebrity Cruises all in competition with one another.

What Discounts are Available on Azamara Club Cruises to Bermuda?

Azamara Club Cruises offer the following discounts on cruises to Bermuda:
  • The most commonly available Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruise discounts are targeted based on where you live. Cruise pricing can vary depending on your place of residence. For example, a resident of California may get a higher price than a resident of Florida. This system of discounts is extremely complex, and, it is very difficult to project when, how much or for how long such targeted discount programs may be offered.
  • Military Discounts for U.S. Military and Canadian Forces -- Active and Retired. On selected Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruises, there may be discounts available to members of the military. Please note that these discounts are on selected sailings only.
  • U.S. or Canadian Law Enforcement, Fire Dept, or EMT personnel. On selected sailings, Azamara Club Cruises may offer discounts to law enforcement personnel, fire department and EMT personnel. Please note that these discounts are on selected sailings only.
  • Members of Azamara Club Cruises' loyalty program, "Le Club Voyage," may have the opportunity to enjoy special incentives associated with membership.
The best way to find out what discounts are offered is to search for Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda cruises online - when you select a specific sailing, we will ask the questions about where you live and whether you qualify for past passenger or military / police-fire-EMT pricing. Remember, these special discounts are only offered on select cruises (cruises that may have a lot of unsold cabins) - don't be surprised if the discounts are NOT offered during high-season cruises, or cruises on newer ships. 

Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda Resources

Let send you on Azamara Club Cruises to Bermuda. You'll find the largest selection of Azamara Club Cruises deals, discount prices and helpful advice on Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda Cruises. Book your Azamara Club Cruises Bermuda Cruise online, or call our Bermuda cruise experts at (800) 961-4635.

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Money Saving Advice when Buying a Azamara Club Cruises Cruise

  • Best advice we can give: the earlier you book, the better. Prices for early bookers tend to be lower, and, the best cabins on Azamara Club Cruises ships book first.
  • We show all discounts. When you search for cruises on our site, we will ask questions that will qualify you for the best available rate – are you over 55, active or retired military, past passenger (Mariner Society) with Azamara Club Cruises, etc.
  • If you are flying to your cruise departure port, buy your air separately from your cruise. You will almost certainly find a better deal versus buying your air ticket with your cruise.
  • Never pay a service fee to book a cruise. There are web sites who will charge $24.99 to book a cruise with them. We can book you the same cruise for the same price, and, we do not charge service fees.

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